Yoga Boot Camp

Our Yoga Boot Camp Classes are designed & coached by THE one. THE only-   Michael Ruffino

Mike has been teaching Yoga for 5 years now and is a certified Yoga Teacher for Vinyasa and Sculpt, which is the foundation for Bear Pit’s Yoga Boot Camp.

Yoga-Boot Camp combines Bear Pit’s modern, military-based fitness regiment with some time-honored, tried and true yoga principals. Using yogic alignment based cuing, students are set-up to perform the movements in the safest way possible, while a beat-driven breathing pattern is organized in unison with every repetition so that the class enjoys the most fundamental principal of yoga: unity. We move as one, breath as one, sweat as one, bleed as one. The class is one seamless flow through yogic stretching, weight training, core and cardio, providing the students with a full-body routine that is as fun as it is brutal. Classes have a theme, or intention, which, for yoga enthusiasts, is a way to elevate the practice to more than just exercise, but for the fitness-driven, it provides a much-needed mental distraction from the grit of the workout.