Our Boot Camp classes are our most popular! They are high intensity but mixed with tons of fun. You will leave Bear Pit tired, sweaty and laughing. We create fun, challenging work outs that make the time fly by while you are burning hundreds of calories.

We usually start off each class with 22 push ups
which we respectfully refer to as 22’s [learn why here]Then a quick warm up and it’s on to the heavy bags for 15 minutes of pounding and punching. This portion of our work outs is a favorite among many of our members because it is a huge stress reliever plus it helps strengthen your core.

Bag work is then followed by 15 minutes of abs-
These change weekly. They aren’t easy but they are well worth it!

And last but certainly not least we move into our 30 minute high intensity cardio/strength training workout routine (which changes daily).

All Boot Camp Workouts have been created so that anyone can drop in at the half hour mark and still get the full workout experience. There is no break between classes. We get in and get to work. As soon as one class is finished the other is preparing for their 22’s.

All levels welcome!
We have developed each workout so that it accommodates all fitness levels, ages, weights & can be modified as needed.

Benefits include:  weight loss, increased muscle tone and flexibility, better overall health, better sleep, confidence and empowerment, less stress and so much more. Don’t take our word for it, just check out our member testimonials.