“After months of not getting to the gym I finally found the courage to walk into the Bear Pit to see what program they might have that could help get me, and my arms most particularly, into shape for my daughter’s upcoming July wedding and for the killer Mother of the Bride dress I’d already bought. After briefly talking to Travis I signed up for his afternoon boot camp. That was four weeks ago, 7 pounds and 1 dress size ago! This is the most challenging exercise program I’ve ever done but it is absolutely the MOST fun! To me that is a winning combination!”  JEANNE- Realtor- Seven Gables

 “Thanks Travis, you’re the BEST coach, WHO RRAW! I feel so good this is the first exercise I have ever stuck with! Monique and I have gotten closer since we are working out together, thanks so much!”  PAM- Pharmaceutical Rep 

LOVE boot camp, already seeing results with my body and it’s only been 2 weeks going on my 3rd!! Great way to start my mornings! I go 4 days a week, can’t wait to get in shape for the summer!!”  MONIQUE- Dr. Cressey’s office


 I am a bootcamp fitness veteran. I’ve tried 4 different boot camps over the years, but never found one that lived up to the hype until I found The Bear Pit. With busy schedule, balancing work, a husband who travels, and 3 kids under the age of 10The Bear Pit offers so many flexible options for working out that I don’t have an excuse for not exercising. No workout is ever the same, so there is no room for boredom. Coach is an awesome motivator, giving personal attention to each member, making sure no one gets hurt, and of course making sure no one slacks.  The results are exactly what I’d hoped for. I’m 20 lbs lighter, three dress sizes smaller, and toned.  I have nearly reached my personal goal thanks to the phrase I’ve become absolutely hooked on “Pain is weakness leaving the body”.  I cant imagine doing bootcamp any where else. –Lianne Greenlee


“Bear Pit Boot Camp is the best in Anahiem Hills!! If you live locally, you definitely need to check it out. Travis is an awesome trainer.” Kacey- Pre Paid Legal


“Loving Boot Camp…Loving the weight loss…. Loving the Bear Pit….Lost 7 lbs after my first week at “boot-camp” with Coach Travis Torres, at the “Bear Pit” in     Anaheim Hills. Yay!!     I’m at week 2 of Boot Camp and have lost 11 lbs thanks to Coach Torres “Hooooo-Rahhhhhh”!!!!!!”   Dr. Yvette Cressey Placentia


 “Before joining Bear Pit, I hadn’t worked out in over 5 years because I hated the monotony of the gym. With Bear Pit, I get focused workouts, shown how to do exercises properly, and the motivation I need to keep pushing through the routine.  It’s the only workout routine I have been able to stick to, and have been going strong now for 5 months, 4-5 times a week…which says a lot for a person who didn’t exercise for years! The coaches are awesome, and the workouts always change. If you’re tired of your old gym routine, or looking for something that will get you motivated to workout, check out Bear Pit!”  Melody F.


“My sister and I each purchased a 6 week boot camp Groupon back in June.  I’m not a fit person to begin with, haven’t worked out in years!  So I was a little intimidated to go the first time.  The first class kicked my butt!   The first 30 mins include a warm up and a lot of core exercises, last 30 mins we got to put the gloves on and work with punching bag.  I could barely do a sit up and had to stop every 10 minutes to catch my breath and get a drink of water.  But by the third class, I was starting to get a hang of it.  I was surprised that I was starting to develop my core, and I was much better at those sit ups!   Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get a chance to finish my six weeks.   But I would definitely recommend the Bear Pitt to my family and friends! A few of my friends have been trying to get me to go.  I went on a Groupon.  Best decision I could have made!  Travis and Zach are always changing it up.  You don’t know what the workout will be like, but its aways fun!  I come out feeling great and sweaty.  My favorite part is the punching bags!!!”  Mike E.


“I absolutely love this place and can say it is one of the only things I miss about California.  After doing a few months of traditional gi training this was a definite step up. All the coaches are willing to answer any questions ,take time to show you what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and what you can do outside of class to help yourself improve. I have an illness that impacts my daily activities and definitely my physical abilities. Every day coach took time to work with me and I became stronger in the first month. It’s a high pace, no nonsense, high expectations class. It is structured but as adults they do expect you to pay attention and workout without your hand being held. A few months as a member I felt like I had a second home and a second family. After a surgery they worked with me to get back to my happy energetic self. I lost inches,  gained muscle, confidence and great defensive skills. I highly recommend this place for anyone serious about getting fit. “  Chalin.


“I have always been active whether it was going to 24 hour, playing tennis or a pick up game of  soccer.I started at Bear Pit with a groupon and fell in love right away and signed up for the rest of the year. It is a more intense workout  than I was used to but what I loved most was that the coaches were approachable, knowledgeable, fun and pushed you to hit your goals. With a consisted boxing and ab routine plus a different circuit each day to make sure you don’t plateau or get bored. I feel stronger, leaner, more energized and best yet I really enjoy working out. The coaches are friendly, always open to answer questions about injuries, variations, or nutrition…which helps you not only hit your goal but turn it into a healthy life style and really fun. The Bear Pit is family based, they make an effort to get to know you and make you feel at home. The atmosphere is electric as the coaches and other members encourage you to keep going. They are kid friendly, have military programs and are consistently out in the community helping fund raise and support charity’s. I could not recommend Bear Pit more to all levels of men. women and kids.”  Gemma.


“My favorite place to work out! The work outs are tough and varied. The coaches really care. They support our troops and community. The other members are awesome.”  Nancy M.


“I heard about bear pit through a friend, Liz Safford. She had been telling me to buy a groupon for a few months but I put it off until a few months before I got married (so I could be in better shape). I was nervous for my first class as it looked like an intense work out and I wasn’t sure I could make it through without collapsing or throwing up. I made it through and instantly fell in love with the coaches and boot camp training style especially the boxing. When I started I weighed in at 148lb and could barely do one push-up, my original goals were to get down to 140lb and tone up. Within six months I hit my goal but it was tough coming in 3 times a week, changing my eating habits to a loose paleo diet and pushing myself. With taking time off for vacations and holidays my weight shifts but with encouragement from coaches and members a year on I have new goals and am pushing myself to hit them. I have made new friends, feel more energetic and best of all I get to work out with my husband who motivates me.”
Gemma Hansen


“I was introduced to Bear Pit by my friend CC. After several months, I finally gave it a chance.  I was terrified to even walk through the door.  I could not do one single pushup. From day one, I noticed that all the members were so supportive and encouraging.  So I kept going.

Coach knew exactly what I needed, how much push to give.  My initial goal, I think, was to just make it through a workout, take it day by day. Soon enough, I was completely hooked.  Blood (just a little), sweat (tons), tears, and numerous close calls to throwing up have been part of my experience. At one point (just 2 weeks after starting) I rolled my ankle, severely. I continued my workouts by modifying everything. Now, I can crush killer intense workouts, bust out lots of pushups, love to punch bags, and have pushed myself beyond what I EVER thought I would be able to do. I look forward to this everyday, (been training 3hrs/day, 5 days/week on average). I’m not sure what my pre-Bear Pit weight was, but I am down by several sizes. In the last 6 weeks, I have lost 15 lbs and 5% body fat! woo-hoo!! I never knew I could be so competitive with myself! I have changed significantly, both physically and emotionally. I LOVE being strong, and I have made so many new friend that I have come to adore. I absolutely love my Bear Pit family to pieces!! Finally, I am so grateful for Coach pushing me to “feel comfortable feeling uncomfortable.”

Bear Pit for life!

This place is the best!! The workouts are very challenging and they mix it up so every day is different. Joining was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself to get strong and fit. The members here are so encouraging. We are like family and we push through tough workouts together, reaching goals!! The coaches here are so supportive. They really want you to succeed! Bear Pit is my gym for life!!
Wendy Sutherlan


I have been a bear pit member since the beginning over 6 years ago. I tend to get bored easily with workouts , but not at the bear pit. The workouts are always changing. They are fun and challenging. What I love most about the Bear Pit is that it is one big family. I have made several good friends who also keep me accountable with my workouts. The Bear Pit always has challenges and encourages teamwork. I love this place and the owners ! What they do for their members is something that you find at an ordinary gym . Again, if you want a great workout and a place that makes you feel like family, the Bear Pit is it!
Member- Sandy Swearingen of 
Anaheim, Ca

I can truly say that the bear pit has been such an amazing place to work out. I have joined several bootcamps, and the bear pit is by far the best one. I walked in knowing no one, and after a week, felt like I was part of a family. I highly recommend this place to anyone who has fitness goals, because I truly believe you can achieve them. Member- Yennhi Tran of Anaheim, CA


5 Stars for this place. People here are incredible. Family oriented. Butt kickin workouts and lots of extra curricular activities to join in on. Big in Helping out in the community as well. A must try! Awesome! Tina of Anaheim, Ca


Bear Pit is the place to go if you’re looking to change your life and get fit! Leveraging inventive boxing combinations and various workout routines that are anything with boring, Bear Pit makes it easy to build muscle and lose fat. I’ve been going here for more than 2 years and I’ve seen amazing results. I’ve also received the support I need to attain my fitness goals. I highly recommend this place! Robin Birakos of Change Your Life Fitness. Yorba Linda, Ca


Cathy Zavala

Yorba Linda, Ca

Bear Pit family

The Bear Pit has changed my life. I’m so lucky to have found them. They’re not just an amazing place to work out with amazing people but it’s a family who genuinely care about you and your success. The motivation comes from everyone especially Coach and Mama Bear who will push you and help you realize your goals.



Anaheim, CA

Great Workouts!

Awesome workouts and awesome motivation! The Bear Pit is such a great facility. The workouts are challenging (in a good way) and they are always changing so you never get bored. Coach provides all the motivation you need and great tips to get in and stay in shape.


Corinne Owens

Orange, ca

Amazing Facility

Bear Pit is an amazing facility that transforms lives. The people are friendly and motivating. Everyone encourages each other to persevere and reach goals.




Anaheim Hills, CA

I’m Hooked

I’ve been going to the Bear Pit for about 4 months and I’m hooked! I love it there! Best workout I’ve ever had! Classes are great and the coaches are amazing!




Orange, Ca


The bear pit is an amazing place. I love to attend Boot Camp at least 3 times a weeks. The staff and coaches are knowledgeable and hard working. At the Bear Pit, the take fitness and health seriously, but have a fun too. I can’t get enough, thanks Bear Pit!



Orange, Ca

Awesome boot camp!!!

The Bear pit is such a great place to workout. It’s intensity is awesome and the community there is so motivating. Once I started working out there, I never wanted to go back to a regular gym. You get so much more out these workouts and the coaches do a great job motivating the group a long the way. I would high recommend this gym!!!


Jennifer Stanley

Yorba Linda, Ca

Wonderful workout!

The Bear Pit has by far exceeded my expectations. I can’t say enough great things about this business. Everyone I have met at the Bear Pit has been so nice and encouraging. (This includes the trainers, employees, and members). I love that they are constantly changing the workouts. Not one workout has been the same. This has kept me from getting bored and hitting a plateau. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!



Lauren Thayer

Ca, Yorba Linda

Love Bear Pit

I have been going to bear pit for the past year and I absolutely love it! I have accountability, new muscles, and confidence! Bear Pit is more than just a place to get a good work out (seriously new muscles hurt all the time… you know the good hurt) but it is a family that works together to help you be the best you.



Marina A.

anaheim, CA

Love this place

I have been going here since october stopped going in january now ive been back since April and i love it even more. This place is helping me reach my goals. The coaches are very supportive and very helpful on your journey. The members are just great always there to help you, a judegment free place. Im glad i found this place!


Amy Weber

Anaheim Hills, Ca

Bear Pit is a 5-Star Facility

Bear Pit is a 5-Star workout facility! I played collegiate softball, have had memberships to gyms, and have trained in many facilities but hands down the Bear Pit has been the one place that I have truly felt connected, pushed, encouraged, held accountable, made friends, and it has brought me back into my college days competing against my teammates, pushed by my coach and have accomplished goals. If your looking for a place to change your view on the boring workout…BP will not let you down.





Not your average fitness center

Started my journey with the Bear Pit around six weeks ago. I’ve since lost 20 pounds and and gained so much more. First off, I love that this is a family-run establishment. If the coach or an employee hasn’t seen you in their class before, they make it a point to introduce themselves and most of them try to get to know you on a personal level, which speaks volumes on the type of establishment this is. The workouts constantly change which keeps the workouts interesting. You never know what you’re going to walk into, but you know it’s going to be good. I can’t wait to continue my journey here, and I would recommend this place to anyone!




Orange, CA

Love this place!!!

My 2 year said to me this morning, “When I get bigger, I go Beat Pit too!” I hope she does. It’s a great place for fun, creative workouts that don’t get boring. I’ve never been good at working out at home so I make the effort to come here and work out with a group of people that’s more than a group – more like a team. It’s great for people who grew up playing sports and appreciate the team/coach atmosphere.


Jorge Norona

Anaheim, CA.

Bear Pit Gym

The Bear Pit has been for the last 5 years for the place where I go to get a complete full body work. Not only did I get stronger but my fitness level has gone through the roof. The Bear Pit Family provides me the support and encouragement that I need to keep myself in top shape. I am 54 years of age and have been attending regularly for the last 5 years. Coach Travis and his team of personal trainers push me through those days when I would have just had no energy or desire to be in a gym. The friendships I have developed also provide a level of support and accountability that keeps me coming back. I would highly encourage everyone to come in and check them out.



Taia Thompson

Orange Ca

Best Gym Ever!

You can’t ask for a better place to workout. Amazing support and workouts. It is like being part of a family. I love it!


Tawny Robinson

Santa Ana, CA

No place like Bear Pit

I have been going to the Bear Pit for almost a year now & it has been the best decision I have ever made becoming a member. I have been a member at several other gyms & I never got the results at those gyms like I have at Bear Pit. The coaches & members alike are super helpful, motivating & encouraging. It really feels like a family there. They have fun challenges & even diet programs or as I like to think of them, lifestyle change programs. Travis Torres (Coach) & his wife, Cindie, have really changed my life from the inside out. I have lost a total of 45 lbs since I started there & I feel the most fit & the strongest I’ve ever felt in my whole life, all thanks to their motivation, encouragement & support. It is definitely worth getting signed up for classes there. I would 150% recommend becoming a member of the Bear Pit.


Heather Thompson

Anaheim, Ca

Booty kickin’ workout

If you are looking for a workout that’s not your normal gym workout then look no further! Bear Pit gives the fun, family atmosphere while also kicking your booty into shape. The trainers are awesome and classes always push you to your limit. I started back at Bear Pit a year ago because I was told I needed spinal fusion surgery. The staff works closely with me to make sure I’m exercising safely and since going back I’ve lost weight, toned and really strengthened my core. Now I can safely put off my fusion surgery until I’m older! Love love love this place!!!



Melissa Foster

Orange, CA

Only the best at the Bear Pit

I started with the Bear Pit this January on a groupon having no idea that I would fall in love with everything about it and continue on with a monthly subscription. Coach and all of the staff are encouraging, friendly and will help you achieve your fitness goals. I love the small “gym” feel, everyone knows you by name and it not only makes you feel welcome but also holds you accountable. I have made the boot camp classes a part of my weekly routine visiting four times a week. I would highly recommend the Bear Pit to anyone who is looking for a fun, encouraging, upbeat place to push yourself to be the best you can be!



Yorba Linda, CA

Bear Pit is the best!

If you are looking for a gym, look no further than Bear Pit. Bear Pit classes are fun, dynamic, challenging and leave you wanting more! I’ve been to a lot of different gyms and Bear Pit is the best!


Annie Sahyoun

Yorba Linda

It works!

I joined the Bear Pit as part of my New Years Resolution in January and I am so happy with my results. From day one I was treated kindly and they made sure I had proper form while doing all of the exercises so I wouldn’t get hurt. The existing members and coaches were always helpful and encouraging, and always pushing me to give more. I joined the Fight Fit Diet program and lost 17 lbs. To date, I’m down a whopping 25 lbs in a little over 4 months!


Jessica Lee

Anaheim Hills, CA

Even better than expected!

The Bear Pit is an amazing place! I bought a Groupon because it looked like a place where they could really whip you into shape (correct!) but it’s clearly so much more. The coaches all have great workouts and are incredibly motivating. Everyone I’ve talked to in a class has been coming for a long time (most are over a year). Everyone has been inclusive, supportive, and absolutely amazing to sweat with!



Active member!

The Bear Pit team has provided the support I needed to sustain my quest of healthy I outcomes!! The sessions are designed to promote muscle strength in almost every inch of your body, cardio to maximize the burn !and more..In a fun environment where everyone supports each other. Come visit the BP to try them out!! I drive 14 miles a day to the BP and it is so worth it!!! Check out the website to find the session that will meet your needs!




Anaheim ca

Best workout best people!!!!!

Been with Bear Pit for almost 4yrs. Love the people and how they find different ways to challenge a wide range folk of all ages, fitness level, background and keep them coming back for more.


Jamie Baumann

Tustin, CA

Bear Pit Is AMAZING!!!!!

I started working out at Bear Pit a few years ago and it has changed my life!!! Not only has Bear Pit helped me to get in shape, it has given me a new FAMILY!!!! Bear Pit is hands down the best gym around!!!!


Robert G


Awesome Bootcamp

I’ve been coming to Bear Pit for over 1 1/2 years. When I first joined, doing 10 pushups was an accomplishment but now doing 100+ during a 20 minute workout comes with ease! I’ve never been in better shape and have only BP and it’s amazing trainers to thank for that!


Lianne Greenlee

Anaheim Hills, CA

Addicting Workout!

The Bear Put is a fantastic gym for all levels of fitness (beginners through advanced) I’ve been a member for 7 years and still going strong. The atmosphere is welcoming, friendly, and supportive. It’s a rare gem of a gym where every day is a new workout routine. I love the intensity of the sessions, the flexible schedule and the awesome trainers. you will build strength and endurance while meeting your fitness goals. Most importantly you will do it with lots of support. I guarantee you will be addicted within a week!



Anahiem, CA

Best Gym Ever

Love this place! The work out is intense but do able. I love how it is constantly changing so your body never gets used to the workout routine, which is great!! Such a fun, enjoyable work out, and atmosphere to be in.


Elise Agredano

Anaheim Hills, CA

Bear Pit – fitness family & fun!

If you’re looking for an intense workout in a fun, family vibe environment, Bear Pit is the place to go! Try a week for free. I guarantee you’ll be back for more!


Rob Little

Anaheim, CA

Great Experience

Been a great experience being a member of Bear Pit. Everyone from the members to the coaching staff its a great place to get a sweat out and some aggression at the same time.


Andrea Bakker

Anaheim, ca

Amazing gym!!!!

This is an amazing gym with awesome trainers!! I love going and enjoy the workouts and you will be sore every single day! It’s the best workout! Try them out!!


Carol campagna

Yorba Linda, ca

Best place ever

I love the bear pit! The work outs are fun and interesting. Never the same thing. Very friendly, inviting and highly motivating! I started with my child in the mma classes and was so motivated I joined! Love the daily bootcamp classes and have even started a nutrition program. Loosing weight and getting stronger everyday. Family friendly to support all your fitness needs. Must check it out 🙂






“Just wanted to say thank you for you patience and dedication in training my son, Jimmy.  For someone who didn’t want to come into your program, he has blossomed into a confident and strong young man, both mentally and physically.  He has learned that the things he thought he could not do are always attainable with a little perseverance.  Thank you for guiding him in the right direction and for being patient with him, yet stern enough to not let him “get away” with things!  I have seen a huge improvement in his strength, his agility and his mental confidence over the last few months and know that a big part of this is because of you and your program! ”

 – Robyn Restivo



“Since i have been going to the Bear Pit i have noticed many changes. I am much stronger and have a lot more stamina. I feel more coordinated and balanced. I have also been taught MMA at an elite level. The coach and everyone else pushes each other to make a very demanding but supportive environment. My parents encourage me going to the Bear Pit, because they believe i get a great workout, and see that i enjoy learning the martial arts.”

– Aaron Neil-kids class



“My kid and I have been with Bear Pit for almost a year now and love the challenging classes. I’ve done the boot-camp, cardio kickboxing as well as adult MMA classes and they’re all great! My son also loves the kids MMA and enjoys the though but safe environment Coach Torres and his instructor Zack Jackson have created. They take care of their members of all ages and pay attention to their form to ensure injury free progress. With many boot-camp and other group classes throughout the day, There’s flexibility for busy families and working folk. One could come in as early as 6am before school/work for a boot-camp class or at 7pm to get a good workout at the end on the day. I have referred many friends and they all love the workouts too!!”

-Ateka B





“Thank you for your countless hours and dedication towards the mental and physical preparaton of our Marine Corps poolees.  Out of seven poolees provoded to you from RSS Santa Ana, whose bootcamp dates are past, all seven have shipped. Your continuing effort to prepare Marine Corps poolees to meet their height and weight requirements, improve their initial strenght test “IST” scores, and learn required Marine Corps knowledge reflects the highest standards of professionalism and are a credit upon yourself and the United States Marine Corps.”

-Sgt Christopher Pate RSS Santa Ana



“The Bear Pit is more than a gym, its like a family. I was a member several months ago, when trying to enlist in the Marines. Travis personally worked with me to get in shape and drop weight and showed me tricks to be successful. But not only did I gain knowledge and strength I gained a new friend.  Not only did he, but his whole family became a part of my life. The Bear Pit is a family and even after your gone they still keep in touch and treat you as family, always willing to help.  Joining the program was one of the best choices I made and have always recommended it to anyone looking to improve themselves.”

–  John Bass- United States Marine



“I went to The Bear Pit when I was 19 years old and waiting to ship out to Infantry bootcamp.  I owe all my success to Coach Torres.  Not only did he get me physically ready so that I could go above and beyond in my carreer, but he also got me mentally prepared as well.  He gave me advice and tips and told me what to expect and gave me a taste of what it would be like.  I loved the exercieses that made me sore but feeling great about myself and also leaving me extremley confident.  Another thing I loved about The Bear Pit was the motivation he gives everyone and all the positive and fun energy that makes you want to give it your all.That kind of energy gave me so much motivation that helped me make it through a lot of tough times.  I am now 21 and an Airborne Infantry soldier that has done a year in Afghanistan.  I am now waiting to go to Ranger school. I believe I owe it all to where I got my motivation and hard work ethics. Without the Bear Pit I would have never been able to do what I love best.”

– Anthony James- Army Infantry



“I’ve attend Bear Pit for four months before shipping out to basic military training for the Air Force. In those two months I went in weighting 180 pounds and am now currently weighting in at a solid 160. Coach not only motivates us to push harder and work through the pain, but also helped us learn our military memorization; creed, song, ranks, and codes of conduct. We’re trained in the proper way to perform the most basic military calisthenics; pushups, sit ups, low jacks, eight counts, ect. Every military bootcamp session we line up and practice our facing movements and presenting arms. We do a mix of 1-on-1 martial arts exercises, abs and group circuit training. Personally my self-esteem, confidence, and mindset are at an all-time high and I couldn’t have done it without coach and the Bear Pit family. If anyone is looking to getting into shape or preparing for bootcamp, fire and or police academy this will be the place to do it. I have and will continue to recommend people to this facility even though I will not be attending it full-time and only on my leave.”

– Justin Hanenberg-Airforce