Our Childrens Fitness & Conditioning Camp provides a structured and disciplined environment & supplements the lack of sports & physical education training due to the covid-19 school closures.

Classes meet for 60 minutes 3 times per week (Monday/Wednesday at 6pm and Friday at 5pm)

We’ll give your kids the positive and encouraging environment they need to thrive and help become disciplined and confident. We will help them build upon their strongest assets for a confidence boost that will remain through life’s challenges. Physical health increases mental health, we want to help ensure that your kids get the physical activity they need to excel even in these uncertain times.

*Approved ages 8-12 (other ages require Coach evaluation)

$139.99 total for 6 months – 3 classes per week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

$119.99 total for 3 months – 3 classes per week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

Also, if your kids are really struggling with the lack of structure due to the school closures and you are you struggling with their lack of respect, obedience & taking responsibility for their actions then Coach’s Accountability Program is your answer!

Coach will keep them in line with daily homework, behavior and chore accountability check-ins giving you an added tool in your arsenal to combat the excuses, laziness, rudeness and disrespect. Covid has hit us all hard and Bear Pit wants to do all we can to help get everyone back on track with some much needed structure and discipline. Let us help.