Our Bear Pit Obstacle Race Training 4 Week Workshops begin every 4-6 weeks and prepare you for a Spartan, Mud run or any obstacle type race.

This training is just what you need to get in shape, build endurance, be prepared for what ever obstacles you want to conquer and CRUSH your competition.

For as low as $39.00 you get

-(4) 1 hour group strength training and conditioning sessions

-Our Bear Pit at home training schedule

-Running & obstacle course evaluations

-And so much more!

These Obstacle race Training Workshops are group training sessions to create camaraderie and prepare you for running your race in groups. We start off every training session with a 3 mile run and then move into the gym for a 60 minute training session. Coach sends you home with specific “homework” to strengthen you and build up your endurance for the next week.

If you missed the start of the 6 week Workshop don’t worry, you can drop in for only $15 and be that much more prepared when the next 6 Week Obstacle Race Training Workshop starts up!