We train and prepare young men and women to make it to and THROUGH Boot Camp (Military, Law Enforcement and Fire) as easily and effortlessly as possible.

Our Bear Pit Pre-Military program was created when the owners, Coach & Cindie Torres’, son was going to join the Military. Being a Marine, Coach Torres knew what was needed to get his son through Boot Camp. So Coach took it upon himself to get him prepared with all the tools he needed to make it to and through boot camp. It was then that Coach also thought maybe other families would like to take advantage of this program and its benefits. And he was right.

To date Bear Pit has helped well over 100 young adults make it through Boot Camp with a 100% success rate! So far, no one has been sent home from Boot Camp and many of them have graduated at the top of their class or with honors.

We are a family here at Bear Pit and some of our members even write our Military people while they are in Boot Camp. Which is a great way to keep them positive and motivated. Some of them do not have family or supportive family, so this helps them greatly.

Our Pre-Military Program Teaches:

  • Mental and physical Preparation
  • How to Meet weight requirements
  • How to Meet Initial Strength Test
  • Increase self esteem/ confidence/ mindset
  • Military memorization
  • Military Creeds
  • Ranks
  • Code of Conduct
  • Facing movements and presenting of arms
  • Understanding the general orders
  • Leadership skills
  • Battle Buddy system
  • Respect to leaders
  • Gas chamber preparation
  • Grunt hiking preparation
  • Etiquette in the barracks
  • PT