Bear Pit is a Veteran owned and Family Operated Fitness Center. It opened its doors in April of 2010 as a Mixed Martial Arts gym but it has turned into so much more.

A few months into operations customers asked if Bear Pit offered fitness Boot Camps. Our Boot Camp Classes started out with only 3 people! They enjoyed the workout so much that the next time they brought in friends and it took off from there!

Bear Pit now has well over 200 boot camp members!

We love helping people lose weight, gain strength, build confidence, tone up and much more. Every member is part of our #BearPitFamily

Bear Pit isn’t just a fitness center, it’s a family. All of our members are at different fitness levels, ages and stages of life but everyone gets along, helps each other out and encourages one another.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.  Many friendships and deep bonded relationships have been created here at Bear Pit and we are so grateful to be a part of them.

We are also a very strong Military family and appreciate the service of our active Military, Police, Fire and Veterans.


Why the name Bear Pit you ask?

We get asked this question a lot. Bear Pit actually has a special meaning to Coach Torres. When he was on active duty with the Marine Corps they had a place to go where they could solve problems and get frustrations out. They called it the “Battalion Bear Pit.” Problems went in, but they didn’t come out. Whatever the issue between Marines was when they went in, it was over when they left and everyone involved learned from it. So, it seemed fitting to use that same concept.

We want everyone to have a place to learn and grow and relieve frustrations but in a controlled environment.

Bear Pit is all about building confidence, self-esteem and helping each individual achieve their goals whether they are big or small.

Everyone has their own personal power and we strive to bring that out in each of our members and show them their inner BEAR strength.

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