Hi Future Bear Pit Family Member!

It’s Coach and Mama Bear here. We want to Welcome you to our Bear Pit family! We are a close nit community who support, motivate and encourage each other. We even do fun events and get togethers outside of Bear Pit! We are also a strong Military family and will always take care of our Military, Law Enforcement, Fire and Veterans.

Bear Pit has surpassed anything we could have imagined. When we first started out we had no idea the Bear Pit culture would be so much like a family. We just stuck with our standards and expectations while we grew our little member community and it developed into the family that we have now.

Our team of staff are also the best, they truly care and believe in our Bear Pit vision. Most of our team even started out as members who loved and believed in who we are and what we do that they applied for open positions. We cant wait for you to become part of our Bear Pit Family and hope you enjoy your time with us.


Coach & Cindie