Summer Bear Pit Boot Camp Games

We have some exciting news!!

Who wants to be in better shape than they are today for Bear Pit Beach Day?
Who is up for some friendly competition?
Who needs to be kept accountable?
Who likes the cost of FREE?

We will be having a competition and accountability challenge starting July 15th and ending August 9th.

Let’s have some fun together getting to our destination-Beach day! Aug 10th

This week-MEPS (Prep Week- assemble 4 person teams, create team name etc.)
Week 1- HELL WEEK 15th-21st
Week 2-Field Training week 22nd-28th
Week 3 Drill week 29th-4th
Week 4- Crucible week 5th-9th

Our Coaches will be recruiting your teams to be in their units.

We will have a general list of acceptable foods.
Ways to earn points to be a winning team.
Weekly challenges.
Accountability and much more.

DETAILS coming soon!

Did I mention this challenge is FUN And FREE for our members.

$49.00 for guest members.

Start thinking of a team of 4 and we will put more details out soon.
Most important questions to ask yourself is…
Will you be committed to your unit?! They will depend on you.
Never Leave a Man Behind!!

Last time we did this challenge in 2016 we had about 100 people do it and it was a blast.

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