Our Kids MMA Workshop is a mini version of our adult MMA Workshop.

We’ll give your kids the positive and encouraging environment they need to thrive in the sport of MMA and help to bring out your child’s unique gifts and teach them to overcome the challenges they are facing now and in the future. They will become disciplined and cooperative. We will help them build upon their strongest assets for a confidence boost that will remain through life’s challenges.

Most of our MMA kids use the tools and techniques we teach them for protection and self defense. We have a few future goal oriented MMA fighters here and they are well on their way to being just that, especially starting so young.

Our program offers self-control, conditioning, self-defense, healthy eating habits, bully prevention, the benefits of exercise, and a positive outlet for fear, frustration, and stress.


Self defense


Self Confidence


Stand up defense

On the ground defense

Team work





Keeps them Focused

Keeps them fit

They learn to Defend themselves

They Gain confidence

Teaches Bully prevention


No Testing fees

No belt fees

What you pay is all you pay!!

*Private and Semi private sessions are also available upon request